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The Omega POLY|MXR is a fully designed and engineered mobile PPC (polyester) mixer. Rather than converting an existing volumetric mixer, Omega created the POLY|MXR for the special functions and operations required for PPC projects such as bridge deck overlays.

Unique features of the POLY|MXR include: 

  • Larger aggregate bins for increased capacity 
  • Drop down auger boot for easy clean up 
  • Interchangeable resin tank system 
  • Specialized electronics package 
The same modular, bolt-together construction process used on all Omega mixers provides multiple advantages over other welded systems.

Component flexibility and interchangeability allow you to start with the base model and upgrade with added features as your business grows and expands.

This approach produces a rebuildable unit should something catastrophic happen - a single panel can be replaced instead of the entire aggregate bin.

This process also increases the mixer's durability and life as the bolted joints allow the unit to flex with the truck chassis.

Poly wide

Standard Features

12-yard heavy-duty fabricated steel aggregate bin and supports

70/30 steel aggregate divider

The modular resin storage system accommodates multiple forkliftable tanks

Drop-down auger boot for quick and easy cleaning

Weatherproof tarp for the aggregate bin to ensure

Material stays dry

Resin control

Resin system

Activator/accelerator tanks

Resin system cleaning

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    Standard Mixer Features

    Variable speed and pressure controls for conveyor, poly pump and mix auger for precise delivery rate control

    Incremental hydraulic aggregate gates measured in inches. The only mixer on the market with this feature

    Built-in mixer diaper and no-waste gate to prevent aggregate from spilling on the ground

    Air hose provided and plumbed to truck air

    Hydraulic cooler to ensure operating temperatures remain consistent during continuous pour or extreme temperature situations

    Premium flat face O-ring fittings for ease of use where applicable

    Four LED work lights for enhanced visibility in low light conditions

    Poly mixing chamber02

    Advanced Mixing Chamber

    Advanced high-energy 9-foot x 12-inch mix auger with NI-Hard wear blades for extended life span

    Auger design provides both colloidal and shear mixing of material for improved blending of ingredients

    Sealed in-auger Omega bearing system is confirmed to be the most durable and maintainable option on the market.

    Produced with a reversible lip seal and two tapered bearings that are readily available at parts stores everywhere

    Ploy wide shot

    Electrical System

    Single control panel mounted electrical enclosure with external fuse and relay box

    Prewired with extra available ports for post-purchase option installation

    Industrial-grade weather-resistant wire harness with secondary coating and external braiding

    Deutsch quick-release waterproof connections

    Optional Features

    Multiple aggregate bin sizes available from ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 8 – 14 yards

    Multiple aggregate bin splits are available to accommodate specific material requirements

    Modular resin storage systems tanks available:

    • 275/330-gallon plastic totes
    • 550-gallon stainless tanks

    Independent latex admix system paired with a 100 or 125 cu/ft cement bin

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    At Omega Concrete Mixers, we are diligently pursuing a design standard for poly mixers, and the calibration of that will be unsurpassed in the market. We aim to produce a mixer with a consistent, accurate material metering, at +/- 1/2% that provides experienced contractors or new operators with a successful turn-key solution for the job at hand

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