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Omega Concrete Mixers are designed with flexibility, capacity, and superior durability in mind. Entirely customizable, these mixers can be as simple or as robust as needed, based on the job.

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Explore our OM|10 Concrete Mixer and see the benefits of taking control of your jobs.

The OM|10 is our most popular mixer. Built from the ground up and engineered to withstand the toughest environments and perform a broad cross-section of functions and jobs.

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Our volumetric concrete technologies are helping these industries and many more.

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At Omega Concrete Mixers, we are diligently pursuing a design standard for poly mixers, and the calibration of that will be unsurpassed in the market. We aim to produce a mixer with a consistent, accurate material metering, at +/- ½% that provides experienced contractors or new operators with a successful turn-key solution for the job at hand

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