Omega Rhino concrete mixer truck

Why Omega Concrete Mixers

Omega leads the way into a new generation of mobile concrete mixers. Omega is committed to revolutionizing the industry with new innovations while maintaining the highest quality standards. Omega produces the only modular mobile mixer on the market! Unlike other mobile mixers, all of the units’ main components can be easily unbolted for replacement or repair. The precision modular design and the innovations implemented not only advance the technology of the mixer, but all elements are engineered to enhance the simplicity and maintenance of the mixer. These key features are all benefits that provide you, the customer, enhanced profitability.

The advantages of the Omega Volumetric Concrete Mixer:

  • All Modular Components with Heavy Duty Construction
  • Modular AG Bin – 5 Panels, all Individually Removable (The only true Modular Mixer on the market)
  • Internal Low Noise Vibrator on the Cement Bin
  • Hydraulic Gates
  • All Digital Tack and Flow Meters
  • Premium Flat-Faced “O” Rings – Fittings and Hoses
  • 500 Gallon Water Tank with Bafflers Mounted on Easy Filter Hydraulic Tank with 50 Gallon per minute 100 PSI Water Pump. ¬†Includes Hydraulically Controlled Fine Water Adjustment.
  • 24″ Wide Chain Driven Conveyor Belt Material Delivery System with Auto Oiler for Chain
  • Spring Loaded Conveyor Belt Tensioner
  • Advanced High Energy 10′, 12″ Diameter Mixing Auger
  • Hydraulic Cement Drive – No Gearbox!
  • Non-Proprietary Parts. ¬†90% of the parts are Non-Proprietary, thus they can be sourced locally and you have considerable less downtime, enhanced profits for you, the customer
  • Two Admix Tanks with an Electronically Administered System (one 25-Gallon for High Flow and one 12-Gallon Low Flow)
  • Self-Adjusting Conveyor Belt Wipe
  • Rear Ladder with Full Working Platform
  • Adjustments to the Cement Bin Angles, thus denying any build-up in the Bin and the ONLY Cement Bin in the Industry that will Fully Dispense!