mobile concrete mixer solution

Volumetric Work Solutions

The traditional barrel concrete mixer has been very well established over the past decades. It has fulfilled a role over the decades but not without issues. These issues can include:

  • once a barrel mixer truck is loaded, there is a fixed time before the concrete sets causing the quality to diminish quickly
  • once loaded, the concrete mix design cannot be changed
  • if the entire load isn’t utilized, the remaining concrete is wasted causing environmental and cost issues

Omega Concrete Mixers is leading the way in the volumetric concrete mixer industry to enhance the utilization of the mobile mixer in all aspects of volumetric work solutions. The mobile concrete mixer can be a profitable venture in many fields. The following are examples of areas in which the Omega mobile mixer can be utilized:

  • On-site Batching
  • Commercial / Industrial usage
  • E-concrete (an economical, efficient, environmentally safer way of delivering concrete)
  • Continuous Pours
  • Precast
  • Housing – all development, including: foundations, streets, and curbs
  • DOT Work
  • Airport Repair
  • Bridge Overlays
  • Landscaping
  • Pools / Shotcrete
  • Floor Screed / Toppings
  • Oilsands
  • Remote Locations
  • Back-fill / Soil Stabilization