Volumetric Mixer Tank - internal water tank

Volumetric Concrete Mixer Internal Water Tank

Hydraulic Tank Inside the Internal Water Tank

Omega Concrete Mixers, the recognized innovative leader in the volumetric concrete mixer industry, introduces the “patent pending,” Internal Water Tank with the Hydraulic Tank Inside the Internal Water Tank.

Several benefits arise from locating the water tank inside in the aggregate bin with the hydraulic tank inside water tank, including:

  • Keeping the hydraulic oil cool. Even if water is hot, the water temperature will be less than hydraulic oil temperature. This also reduces the volume of hydraulic fluid needed for the system.
  • Preventing aggregates from freezing. The aggregates absorb heat from the water tank to help keep the aggregate above freezing and free flowing.
  • Maintaining water temperature. Typically in cold temps, aggregates are heated before loading, or else the loaded unit is kept in a heated location prior to use. The sand and gravel surrounding the water tank insulates the water tank and reduces heat loss from the tank to the environment.
  • Enhancing the stability of the mixer. The stability of the mobile mixer is improved by the location and shape of the water tank within the aggregate bin which lowers the overall center of gravity and maintains it closer to the longitudinal centerline of the unit. Additionally, internal baffles reduce sloshing of water, which in turn improves stability, especially during cornering and on side grades.

Omega Concrete Mixers brings over sixty (60) plus years of cumulative experience in the volumetric concrete mixer industry. The “Patent Pending” Internal Water Tank with Internal Hydraulic Tank is just one example of market leading innovation on the Omega Concrete Mixer. Call us at 515-344-4611 to learn how Omega Concrete Mixers is building The Next Generation Mixer!