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Omega Concrete Mixers was established by Dan Paige Sales to implement the necessary innovations to implement a new standard in the volumetric concrete industry while maintaining a focus on the customer’s needs of serviceability and profitability.

Dan Paige of (Dan Paige Sales) has been the world’s largest dealer of new and used mobile mixer and concrete mixer equipment for the past thirty years. Dan has sold, built and repaired all models of volumetric concrete mixers throughout his career in the industry. In addition, Dan has taken an active role over the years with his customers regarding the material side of the mobile concrete industry. The concrete material side of the business is introducing new materials and changing at a ground breaking pace, demonstrating a significant growth trend for volumetric proportioning.

The quickly changing material market and the fact that there has been very few innovations in the volumetric concrete mixer design over the years, inspired Dan Paige to develop and manufacture a new volumetric concrete mixer that would establish a new standard in the industry.

Schuler Manufacturing

Omega Concrete Mixers was extremely fortunate to secure the Manufacturing Services of Schuler Manufacturing in Iowa. Schuler Manufacturing has past experience in the volumetric mixer, providing the majority of fabrication for a former volumetric manufacturing company.

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