Raising the Industry Standard

Omega Volumetric Concrete Mixer Solutions

  • Market Leading Innovation

    Market Leading Innovation

  • Serviceability and Productivity

    Serviceability and Productivity

  • Profitability to you, the Customer

    Profitability to you, the Customer

Omega Concrete Mixers – unmatched innovation in Volumetric Mobile Concrete Mixer Solutions

Omega Concrete Mixers is leading the way in the volumetric concrete mixer industry to enhance the utilization of mobile concrete solutions. The mobile concrete mixer can be a profitable venture in many fields. The following are examples of areas in which the Omega mobile mixer can be utilized:

  • on-site batching
  • commercial / industrial usage
  • e-concrete (an economical, efficient, environmentally safer way of delivering concrete)
  • and much more
  • 1.Commercial/Industrial – All facets
  • 2.Continuous Pours
  • 3.Precast
  • 4.Back-Fill/Soil Stabilization
  • 5.All Housing Development

Why Volumetric Concrete Mixers?

The volumetric concrete mixer ensures the freshest concrete on demand – when you want it, anywhere you want it and the mix design and desired amount.

Why Choose Omega?

Omega Concrete Mixers is establishing a new standard in the industry with market leading innovation. These innovations have led to the ONLY precision built, modular mixer on the market...

Mix Designs!

The Omega Volumetric Concrete Mixer is capable of producing a wide range of mix designs.